We help Effective Altruism (EA) community builders improve the quality of careers support they can provide to their members during career transitions. Currently, we focus on non-US/UK community builders and provide support across cause areas.

Our ultimate goal is to improve EA-influenced career transitions so that more EAs can successfully transition into high-impact career pathways and have long-term retention.

EA community builders build local, national, cause and career EA communities. They help community members transition into high impact careers. Community builders are best positioned to help their members because they have relevant geographical, cultural, cause and/or career overlap with their members.

A career transition is the stage in an EA’s journey which begins when an individual decides to change their career, and ends with a successful career change. This could include cause or career prioritisation and experiments to test their personal fit.

We focus on non-US/UK strategy since this has been neglected in EA. We believe there are a lot of promising opportunities to make progress in this space.



Vaidehi Agarwalla is the program coordinator of LCAN and sets the direction & strategy, runs workshops and calls.

A group of volunteer group organisers provides feedback, conduct local priorities research and contribute to LCAN resources, strategy & workshops. 

If you are a community member who would like to help with these efforts, you could help with tasks like: 

  • Experimenting with career events and tracking their impact

  • Research on open foundational research questions (or your own ideas of careers research)

  • Helping run any of the services we offer. 

To get involved, please sign up here


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